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I designed patterns inspired by letters of the Greek alphabet and cured my creative block

Happily I completed my personal project to design patterns based on the capital Greek letters!

Although, unhappily I didn’t make it to the 100 as was my initial aim for the 100 day project/challenge. Oddly enough I stopped at day 27, which is the day I stopped the first time I undertook a 100 project. Maybe that’s the limit of my endurance 😆 or patience, or whatever…

To be perfectly honest I did create a few more designs but never posted them. I will likely make a different post to include them. I also archived whatever I uploaded to Instagram. Suddenly I didn’t like how they looked on that page of mine. I do so many different things that, at least to me, they looked out of place on that profile.

I’m considering perhaps starting a separate Instagram profile just for my pattern designs.

Anyway, here are my patterns inspired by the capital letters of the Greek alphabet. I used Affinity Designer to create them. I have to say here that I love Affinity Designer! Since Adobe illustrator’s subscription price is way too costly for me I have not been able to design like I used to but now with Affinity Designer I can honestly say I prefer it! I also have it on my iPad and so I can easily work on the go and then transfer my designs to my desktop and refine them on there.

Another thing worth mentioning is that if you are experiencing a creative block, like I do frequently, using familiar symbols, letters or motifs as a starting point is an excellent way to get unblocked and get those juices flowing again. Try it and you will see!

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