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Unique interior design elements inspired by wall art

As both an interior designer and artist I am often drawn to interiors featuring artwork and find myself asking, what came first in each instance, the egg or the chicken? In other words, is the interior inspired by the art or the art inspired by the interior?

In most cases (I believe) the art is chosen to complement the existing interior, but in this Sydney renovation by studio YSG in Australia, the artwork in the living room inspired various design elements throughout the house.

Namely, the chequered red and white border at the top of the painting in the living room is hand painted on to the wall and continued across the room, while the same is repeated on the steps to the dining area doubling as an artistic trip hazard .

In one of the Master Bedrooms the vertical red lines of the artwork are continued onto the wall above it and up to the ceiling and hand painted swirls carry your eyes up to the beams in the sunroom.

Unfortunately, the artist remains unnamed in both Dezeen’s website, where I first read about this, and YSG’s gallery, so unfortunately I cannot credit the artist. If you do know who is the artist please let me know!

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