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How Gaudi’s mosaics inspired my Barcelona Sun design

Gaudi’s colorful, whimsical and fantastical designs and decorations – in particular his mosaic surface decorations- have long been a favorite of mine providing me with tons of inspiration.

This particular ceiling mosaic provided the inspiration for ‘Barcelona Sun’ which started as a watercolor translation of the same and which I later applied to a relief artwork, a hand knotted rug and silk scarf.

My design of ‘Barcelona Sun’ was made by skilled weavers in Nepal. I absolutely adore my hand knotted rug which was made using Tibetan wool and Chinese silk.

It now enjoys pride of place in my studio and I love how it seems to emanate a positive energy into my space.

I enjoy practicing my yoga on this rug too! There is truly something special about it that I cannot fully explain.

Below is the 3D render I did before I actually had it made and to illustrate how it would look in a placement.

My original design did have many more colours but I had to cut costs in manufacture (all was out of pocket) so fewer colours were used for the final. But if a client was willing to pay for the full range….oh boy!

In the photos above I am presenting my creations @ First Impressions exhibition in 2013. In the foreground is my pure silk wall hanging ‘Agas’ which I will be posting about soon. On the right is my round rug ‘Barcelona Sun’ which by now you are familiar with and just behind it is ‘Summer Waves’ and to the left ‘Coral Reef’.

Above is a version of Barcelona Sun I applied to an artwork piece using mixed media on wood with pyrography. I also applied this version to a silk scarf which I had professionally digitally printed.

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