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A year of creative exploration: Part 2 from design to finished artwork

It’s always a surprise when I feel inspired to create another artwork on wood etched with the pyrograph. Why? Well because every time I finish a piece I am sure it is my last because the process usually ends up being intensely involved, long and at times arduous. Even though I say to myself I will create a more minimalistic piece I always get carried away. I’ve been looking to create things that take a shorter amount of time. Which actually doesn’t make sense now since I have also begun exploring textile arts and in particular embroidery which also needs considerable time to complete each piece! Go figure!!!

So, as mentioned in my previous post, which is part 1 of this series, I had decided to devote some time focusing on surface pattern designing last summer and joined the challenge provided by the textile design lab. Surprisingly, while working on my designs and the collection that developed I suddenly felt urgently inspired to also create an artwork on wood featuring lobsters.

I worked mostly intuitively and quite loosely with only the idea of general placement and composition. All the decorative and design elements developed organically, layer upon layer. As is usual for me, I couldn’t stop! I just kept going until I had nothing more to add, or to say.

Working on a smaller than usual panel I allowed for my intuition to guide me in its unfolding and to veer off any preconceived ideas and original designs I had already created. The result was a burst of playful activity by these two colourful creatures that took on a life of their own! I have a particular fondness for sea creatures and these two were so much fun to manifest on my board. I simply let loosed and played along with them!

As per my technique, they are painted onto a raised and prepped wood substrate, 61 x 75 x 3 cms, etched with the pyrograph to create a tactile effect. The sides are painted and it is ready to hang. The original is unframed, the mockups of the framed artwork below are provided to illustrate what it might look like framed as such. 

So while it is ready to hang as is l would love to see how it would look in a boldly painted ornate frame!

This artwork is available to purchase. If interested please contact me!

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