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A year of creative exploration: Part 3 exploring embroidery

If you’ve been following this mini series of my year of creative exploration, Part 1 and Part 2 describe my exploration into surface pattern design and the inspiration that came of that to create an artwork on wood. Although possibly not obvious at first, a natural development was to occur leading me into the world of embroidery. It happened quite subtly at first, but it has since developed into a passion.

How it began

When my mum passed 11 years ago she left me a few unfinished embroideries that she had been working on. One of my favorites was a Greek traditional folk style design from the island of Skyros called ‘Gamos’ (Wedding). [I have also derived inspiration from this theme and style in the past for my artwork, which you can read about here.]

The only thing, and probably why my mum had left it unfinished, was that I couldn’t find the same yarns here in Greece to complete it. Everywhere I went and enquired they told me that these yarns have been discontinued here. I was baffled and disappointed. When I asked as to why since these are just gorgeous yarns, I was told that people just don’t make these traditional style embroideries anymore, which is such a shame.

The yarns in question are DMC Retors Mat. A beautiful soft mat yarn of 100% cotton (non-divisible). Eventually I sourced them in the UK. The only bummer was that I had to pay customs tax to have them shipped here – damn Brexit). But I have also sourced them from DMC HQ in France which is where I shall be ordering them from next time and hopefully avoid customs tax. 

Inspiration from other designers

In the meanwhile, until I could get these yarns, and since the inner fire had been lit to begin stitching I decided to purchase a design by Barbara Ana, a designer I have long admired and told myself that one day I would do one of her cross-stitch embroideries.

My initial idea was to make it into a tote bag but when finished I decided to frame it. The frame is from  Ikea but I painted the mat board a vermillion red which makes it pop.

Finishing and framing my mum’s embroidery

Soon after, the yarns for my mum’s embroidery arrived and after much patience I finally finished it and framed it in her memory.

Here’s a short timelapse video of me customizing and embellishing the frame I created for it. I do believe a frame finishes off a work and I love designing it. Just like the final touches of your outfit, which might be some jewellery or a scarf or a hair accessory, an embellished frame adds that personal touch that separates it from the crowd. (At least I think so!)

In Part 4 I will take you with me for a deeper dive into the world of embroidery.

In memory of my mum, Katy ❤️🌷much loved and forever missed….

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