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I made a colour chart using my Sennelier L’Aquarelle watercolours

I recently bought myself a yummy selection of Sennelier’s L’Aquarelle watercolours as I’ve become quite enamoured with this medium. (The majority of this stash of colours was a birthday gift – lucky me!!)

So first things first, when I get new colours I play with them, mixing them and making colour charts to see how they work. Sennelier’s watercolours are a pure pleasure to work with. Such vibrant colours that delight my senses!

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid promotion!! But it would be nice to receive some freebies! 😉 Maybe one day 😄 )

The first chart I made I mixed each colour with varying quantities of Payne’s Grey to get a selection of shades.

Then I also made a chart mixing complementary colours to get colourful greys.

Finally, although you don’t see it until the end, I always do a couple of colour wheels using cool primaries in the one, and warm primaries in the second to see how they mix, which colours I like when mixed and which not.

Et voila!

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