100 Portraits Challenge

18/100 Portraits of my 100 Portraits Challenge

Portrait 18/100 portraits of my 100 Portraits Challenge was time for another self-portrait. 

I lost the plot at some point, losing my face a completely 😆 and thought this would end up in the rubbish, but I gave it another try and salvaged it somewhat. This phase is highly experimental, explorative and, of course, educational! I also used heavier watercolor paper which I did not like at all with gouache. This paper required a lot more water in the paint as it absorbed it instantly BUT oddly enough it did lend itself to more layers to achieve a many layered effect resembling acrylics and pastels. Perhaps beginning with light washes of colour and layering on the paint progressively heavier will work with this paper better. 
Gouache on paper 20×20 cms

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