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Making of ‘Playing with my Demons’ – timelapse video

My latest artwork involving mixed media on wood with pyrography, to which I gave the title of “Playing with my Demons”.

That’s what it felt like! As you will see from the video, I started making this piece at the end of summer – the fan is on, I’m tanned and wearing sleeveless tops! By the end of it, however, I’m in woollies!

The reason is that I had been asked to collaborate on a piece for a mythological text (see this post) which had to be done within a month, so I had to put this one aside and come back to it…which isn’t always easy. The initial flow and inspiration having been interrupted I really had to delve deep into my psyche to work through this one. Colours kept shifting and changing reflecting the shifts in my mood and psychology.

playing with my demons angles-4

But I plowed through and I worked through more of my resistance and so here we are!

I hope you enjoy the video which is basically a timelapse movie showing the stages of process. To see more of my artwork just skip on over to my website!

Thanks for watching!

Lenochka B.

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