Esme Copestake

“I have used Lena (Lenochka) Blonsky for a couple of different photo-shoots. One was for a personal boudoir shoot and another to get some shots of me and my horse. Lena is able to do something incredible that manages to separate her from the rest of the professional photographers available out there. She is able to envision, create and capture shots that are not only beautifully unique but that are also natural and authentic in nature. Not only capturing physicality but also essence. She has a wonderful professional attitude towards her work and yet also manages to make it easy, friendly and relaxing, which helps a lot with those that are not so comfortable being in front of the camera lens such as myself. Based on my own experience with Lena and the photographs that she has produced for me I cannot recommend her highly enough!” 
~ Esme Copestake [photography & artwork]