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A dear friend of mine sent me this beautiful quote from a Greek blog,  written by Stefanos Xenakis. It’s so simple, beautiful and true that I had to translate and share here, both for you and for me to refer to as often as necessary….

Sleep early. Your day begins from the night before.

Before you go to bed, plan for the following day. Use a paper and pencil. Do not leave it to chance. Days become months and months become years. You only live once. Honour it.

Keep a notebook with your goals. Be faithful to it. Refer to it frequently and re-write them as necessary. This is the compass of your life.

Generally, you should write. It’s good for you. It affects your soul.

Wake up early. Very early. If your mind is telling you to have a lie-in, don’t listen to it. Learn not to negotiate with your mind. Be assertive with it.

Look at yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself. Say nice things to yourself. You are your own friend. The best one you have.

Go for a walk or a run wherever you live. For at least 20 minutes. It warms up your engines.

Listen to something while you walk. Inspirational talks. Inspirational people.

Smile to those you meet. Wish them a good morning. Even if they don’t. They must have good reason.

Look at the beauty around you. It’s everywhere.

Make yourself a nice breakfast. Not just for you.

Get into the shower and enjoy it. Leave your thoughts outside.

Dress beautifully.

Take care of yourself as if you are the most important person in the world. You are. They just haven’t told you.

Find 15 minutes to read. Every day. Limit your social media. Do not switch on the TV. It’s a lie that there is no time. You will find it. Nobody gives it to you. The same goes for life.

Go to work with joy. Even if you do not like it. If needs be, find another job. But as long as you are there, honour it. In this way you honour yourself.

Deliver 10 times your salary. Even if you are young. Do it for yourself.

Work as a team. And live collectively. There’s no other way.

Have a coffee break with a snack. Look after yourself. Have a banana, or an apple. Don’t be fooled. It’s easy.

Keep the best company. Those who have something more than you. What you want. Do not fear them. Do not be jealous of them. They will take you further. You become like those you keep company with. Raise your standards.

Be happy for other people’s joy.

Drink plenty of water.

And breathe deeply. Inflate your belly when you do it. Even if it’s not fashionable.

Watch less TV. If you quit one hour a day you have saved 360 hours, that is 9 working weeks. When others will have 12 months you will have 14.

Don’t believe in luck. You make it. If you understand that, it will change your life.

Live life. When you laugh, really laugh. When you cry, cry, when you hurt, hurt. You are not made of porcelain. You will not break. Porcelain is kept in the glass cabinet.

Spend time with yourself. Do not be afraid of it. It’s not loneliness. It’s not good if you cannot remain alone with yourself and always have to have something going on. It’s just like having a visitor who you leave on his/her own. All solutions are within you. In your mind and in your heart. Reduce the noise. Shut out the racket, and they will be revealed to you. They say that God is within you. That’s what they mean.

Use both your mind and your heart. At times you will discover the one and then the other. Like the good cook who knows when to add salt and pepper.

Take yourself for a walk. Go to the movies. And wherever else you fancy. Feel that you love and honour yourself. You don’t know it. Your life is your relationship to yourself.

Do not worry yourself about the opinions of others. Listen to them. But first listen to yours.

Close your eyes and dream.

Do good acts. Always. Help others around you. Especially those you do not know. Your family doesn’t end at your doorstep. Everybody is your family. That’s the only way you’ll be happy. No way else.

Keep a calendar with the beauties of life. Every day has at least 100. Write them all. If you do not write them, they leave you. My Teacher calls them miracles. Walking is one of them. Write it down. Do not disregard it.

Do not gossip. Mind your own business. You define yourself alone.

Be curious. Ask questions. Study. Do not believe everything you think.

Evolve day by day. Until your last.

Love your neighbour. But first love yourself. You are unique. Do not be fooled. You came alone and you will leave this world alone. Without your children. Without your car. Without your money.

Love is your only luggage. The love you received and the love you gave.

Only love exists.

That’s why you’re here.

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